Download Faxbot

Latest Version: 2.5.1

Updated: 30.01.2018

Localized in:
German, English

System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.7 and up

from FRITZ!OS 06.00

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Can I send more than two pages with Faxbot?

Yes, the limitation of AVM is repealed with Faxbot.

How can I send a fax from another application?

Choose Print in your application and select in the PDF pop-up menu the item Faxbot. Your document will be passed to Faxbot.

The system-wide menu item Faxbot does not appear in the print dialog > PDF

Open the settings of Faxbot and select System. There you can install the system-wide menu item.

Faxbot does not show the cover sheet or fax message. The windows keeps empty.

Please choose in the settings a "Fax Line" in the tab "Fax".

If you cannot select a fax line, you must open in your FRITZ!Box "Telephony" > "Telephony Devices" "Set up new device".
In the wizard, select "Integrated into the FRITZ!Box" > "Fax function".
Do not select the option "Automatic fax detection", but at least a separate phone number.
The fax function requires the assignment of a dedicated phone number.
After the setup open the Faxbot settings again to update the "Fax lines" and choose a fax line.

The document contains graphics, these are black, inaccurate or not shown in the preview.

Press the button "Type" in the toolbar at the top right. Now select image and text.

Which FRITZ!Box Models are supported?

AVM supports the fax feature in the FRITZ!Box from FRITZ!OS 06.00.