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Latest Version: 1.9

Updated: 06.03.2018

Localized in:
German, English

System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.7 and up

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Price: 18,99 Euro

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Look who´s calling now.

Here you can see a short description of some functions in Dial!List.
Dial!List is localized in English and German.

Dial!List is immediately after the start inconspicuously, but always present, in the menu bar of Mac OS X. Thus they can access fast all functions:

Call monitor

The call monitor shows all in and outgoing calls with information details, like detailed telephone number, caller name, contact picture and the called line.
Callings in absentness are displayed with the time-of-day and you have the possibility call directly back with a button. Furthermore you can write a memo.


Call dialog

In the call dialog you can search for contacts in the Address Book, type call numbers by keyboard, and choose some options, e.g. the outgoing line, call number.
The call dialog is also displayed for example, if the call comes from the Address Book, Daylite or the Widget.



The calling list will be autmatically reloaded after a call finished. Diese können Sie nach Kategorien gruppiert ansehen und durchsuchen. Wenn sich der Kontakt im Adressbuch befindet, wird der Name dazu angezeigt. You can export this list, start calls from it or add new contacts to the Address Book.
Sort the callinglist, search it or create your own intelligent callinglist.


iPhone / iPod Touch

You can export the callinglist optimized for the iPhone / iPod Touch after every call.
So you have the option to access your current callinglist using Safari on the go.
Furthermore you can see current calls.
(The iPhone / iPod Touch callinglist is limited to the last 50 calls.)
For a mobile access you have to put the exported website with FTP on e.g. your own webspace or access it with the integrated webserver in Mac OS X.

If you prefer a native iOS App instead, try Dial!List ME for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.


Caller Statistic

The Caller Statistics gives you an Overview about all saved calls.
See at first sight which phone number has called the most times, with which contact you called the longest time.
You have the option to sort and fit the Statistics with some filter criterias.


Intelligent Callinglist

The intelligent callinglist gives you the option to create your own callinglists.
For this Dial!List offers you many filter criterias.


Export Calls

With Dial!List you can export the callinglist as CSV-File for your needs. So you have the option to import the callinglist in an other application, process the data in an other way or only save it.


Transfer contacts

With Dial!List you can easily transfer your Address Book contacts to the FRITZ!Box-Phonebook.


Dial!List - Menu

All functions of Dial!List can be reached from the menu bar of Mac OS X.



Several environments enable a fast change of your personal settings.



Recent Calls can be easily dialed by clicking the on it in the menu “Recent Calls“. This menu shows you the last outgoing, incoming calls and calls in absentia.


New Contact

Callers, who did not saved yet in your Address Book, can be added from the call monitor or from the calling list to the Address Book.
Of course, you can add a phone number to a existing contact.



Dial!List offers the possibility of executing AppleScripts for beginning or ending a call. In addition some AppleScript actions are already provided. For this you get some useful AppleScript-Actions with Dial!List.

Own AppleScript actions can be created and added.

Mitgeliefert werden unter anderem folgende Aktionen:
  • System Volume on / off
  • Set iChat- / Adium-State
  • Send Mail with caller data
  • pause / continue DVD Player / iTunes / VLC
  • Speak caller name

For creating own Scripts you find a manual there.



As alternative to the calling monitor in Dial!List you can display in and outgoing callings also with Growl.
This needs to install Growl.