Download Dial!List

Latest Version: 1.9

Updated: 06.03.2018

Localized in:
German, English

System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.7 and up

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Which keyboard shortcuts are available in Dial!List?

New Call:
Cmd + D Dial
Cmd + O Show/hide call options

Cmd + R Show all memos for the selected phone number
Cmd + Option + R New memo
Cmd + O Show/hide calls

Dial!List Menu
Cmd + N New Call
Cmd + L Open calling list
Cmd + R Show memos
Cmd + T Show Trafficmonitor
Cmd + H Hide Dial!List

Global Hotkeys (changeable):
Cmd + Alt + N New Call
Cmd + Alt + L Open calling lists

I bought Dial!List on the Mac App Store, can I use the version from the website?

Yes! If you bought Dial!List on the Mac App Store, you can also use the version from the website. Please leave the original Mac App Store version and the library files installed. The license will be automatically detected and you will not get any licensing information.

This is particularly useful, since the release of the Mac App Store version of Apple usually requires more time and the home version is available sooner.